341 Pizza & Wings Franchise Opportunities

341 Pizza & Wings Franchise Opportunities

Franchising Opportunities

Founded in 2010, 341 Pizza & Wings offers fresh, great tasting pizza to customers in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide the perfect setting for local customers to enjoy their favorite home pizza flavors with the whole family that are affordable, delicious and made fresh for every order.

341 Pizza & Wings has become a leading pizza brand in the GTA. Serving metropolitan cities of Mississauga and Oakville. Our industry-leading technology platform enables online ordering and payment process management.

Becoming a great operator with 341 Pizza & Wings location starts with an application and contacting a franchising representative. We provide extensive 4-7 weeks in-store training program for all new franchisees and their team.

Advertising & Marketing

341 Pizza & Wings has created extensive marketing campaigns and maintains high visibility through its sponsorship of several local programs in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. We are currently working on building and expanding our Social Media networks to continue to expand our visibility online

Families In the GTA Love Our Pizzas In The GTA

Our customer base is constantly growing in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide most delicious veg & non-veg pizzas, wings, beverages, quality topping and many more. We are proud to serve our hungry customer: we take care of our customer nutrition- the tomatoes are rushed from the farm fields & canned within 6 hours after they are packed and preservatives are never used. The dough is made the best spring wheat available & mixed with extra virgin olive on the 100% mozzarella is fresh, never frozen, all natural cheese.

Where Are We Growing

Our 5 year goal is to expand to all cities in Greater Toronto Area. We are also actively targeting British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

How Much Does It Cost To Become A 341 Pizza & Wings Franchisee?

We offer a straightforward franchise business model focusing on grown, profitability etc.

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    341 Pizza & Wings Franchise Opportunity

    Why Choose Us

    We offer:

    Great, affordable and delicious pizza products

    Great systems for online orders & payment processing

    Great staff and management team training

    Great opportunity to become a 341 Pizza & Wings Franchisee